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GinT Rubro

Rubro in Portuguese refers to the blush color of one's cheeks when they become rosey. Rubro is the perfect description for this bold Gin of 58% ABV. Its signature botanical is fig tree bark and Rubro's notes are woody, sweet vanilla, almond, coconut and balanced by drier juniper berries, with a lovely long finish.

Rick's Blue Gin


This Gin not only has a good taste but also has a special gift; it changes color. It has an intense blue color is very striking. A color that he owes to the Kittelbloem- A blue flower with a white-toothed yellow spot in the middle of South East Asia. After adding tonic, the blue color changes to pink. This Gin is fruity in taste with notes of strawberry, raspberry, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon and ginger.

Rock Rose

Navy Strength

Initially the earthy warm Italian juniper will give way to the lemon sherbert of the Bulgarian juniper, before a nice jammy flavour develops thanks to the blaeberries, hawthorne and rowan berries. Finishing off with liquorice, cinnamon and our lovely Rhodiola rosea!



Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

Slow distilled by hand in our medieval copper pot stills with oriental botanicals and gunpowder tea. 8 pot still botanicals and 4 vapor infused botanicals are combined in the oriental traditions of distilling. Every bottle is hand filled, labelled and sealed by the dedicated team of distillers.

Rick's Dry Gin: Black

Ricks Dry Gin is made according to an old Dutch recipe with 17 different herbs. The botanicals are first macerated in the pot still for several days in a graanalcohol- and water mixture, and then distilled in a copper kettle of 300 liters (small batch).

The result is a spicy gin with citrus tone.

Unit 6 Gin

This award winning Gin can be described as having a tenacious complexity. Delicate floral bursts mingled with pervasive sweet-pine, topped with an abundantly fresh aroma and pronounced light juniper beset with sweet peppercorns and fresh bergamot.

Cabraboc Gin

This delicious treat with a beautifully blended hint of orange id from the Spanish Isle of Mallorca. Made with selected wine distillates and herbal extracts, this Gin combines herbal notes of fennel and Mediterranean herbs with the citrus notes of orange peel, lemon leaf and lemon verbena.


Bertha's Revenge 

Irish Milk Gin

Using whey alcohol from the local dairy farmers here in Cork, together with our own natural well water and an interesting mix of locally foraged and grown botanicals, we have hand-crafted a gin that highlights the character of Bertha in her prime.

Rick's Dry Gin Orange Edition

An entirely unique and distinctive character, put together with different herbs. To name a few: Juniper, Coriander, Cardamom, Orange peel, Orange Blossom and Lime. The result is a fresh, unique orange aroma.

Billy Bones

Billy Bones Gin is produced in Germany using a combination of traditional gin botanicals as well as a few not-some-traditional botanicals, including cocoa bean and Sichuan pepper. Also, this is a prime excuse to tell you one of our favorite jokes. What is a skeleton's favorite meal? 

Cocoa 1528

COCOA Gin is all but a chocolate drink! It is a true dry gin structured on grilled cacao beans. The highly original character of this gin results from a unique combination of cacao beans, exotic flavours and citrus extracts.

Hero Gin

Everybody needs a Hero, and in the world of Gins, it is German Hero Dry Gin who has taken upon themselves, to have the responsibility of the role. It is a very delicate Gin, with the junipers placed nicely in the back, to leave the stage for the citrus notes, in the form of lemon- and orange zest. Also present is a touch of lavender, but without leaving the soapy impression, we see in other Gins using lavender in the process.

Family of Hounds

The tasting notes on your palate will gradually evolve from refreshing notes to a spicy touch that will give a light kick to your senses.

Cucumberland Hannover Dry Gin

The subtle change from floral to woody and pepper-floral  notes, these 27 botanicals lead back to floral via various citrus aromas. It has the collection of fresh frozen ingredients from the Hannover region. Whether at room temperature, on ice or with a tonic - this Pot-Still-Gin presents the chord for the senses from the first smell to the dynamic exit.


Double Dutch Tonic

A delicate balance between the spirits and the combinations of flavors in the carefully elaborated drinks. The result is a series of delicious drinks / alcohol refreshments. Each bottle is completely made without artificial flavors, colorants or preservatives.


The Isle of Harris Gin


Our new gin captures the elemental nature of the Isle of Harris, rewarding the drinker with maritime pleasures. The unique inclusion of local, hand-harvested Sugar kelp speaks of our island's deep connections to the sea while working with eight other carefully chosen botanicals.

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